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Ann Young was born in Mississippi in 1941. After many years in the real estate development business in South Florida, she relocated to Big Canoe, a community  just north of Atlanta.  A unique experience led her to the phenomenal world of art.

She is primarily self-taught, but has had instructions in anatomy which affords her the luxury of including figures in some of her paintings.

Whether she uses a muted or bright palette, there is a blend of serenity and energy which renders the subject as the artist intended.  The emotional connection between the viewer and the artist is further enhanced with her loose impressionist style in her brush strokes and the heavy texture she applies with her palette knife.

Her paintings are in homes in Florida, Georgia, New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina and England. Her work has also appeared in "Florida Design Magazine".

A Giclee (zhee-CLAY) is an individually-produced, high-resolution reproduction of an original work of art.  Giclees can be produced on a number of media, including canvas, watercolor paper and others.  The technology of Giclee results in reproductions that far exceed the qualities of Lithographs, in resolution, true color and longevity. 

Artist Ann Young utilizes the Giclee medium to reproduce her original oil paintings in a variety of sizes. While these Giclees are printed upon canvas to give an authentic look and feel, Ms. Young often oil enhances her Giclees to appear one step from the original. 




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